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    Red headed natural born cocksucker

    Here's another great cocksucking scene that was shot specifically to please cum eating connoisseurs. Benjamin Harrison shows us once again why his an awesome throat whore as he services Heath Jasons' hard cut cock. Benjamin does a supreme job licking, sucking and stroking Heath's cock with his talented tongue and mouth. Heath enjoys every minute of the cock service he is getting and cums to an explosive ending with his load shooting straight into Benjamin's waiting mouth. Benjamin gets to savor every last drop!

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    Red-headed bottom sucking dickCocksucker getting a load in his mouth
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    One way of making someone cum is to fuck them hard until their jizz squirts out. That's definitely the approach in this scene of Berlin Cum Pigs. The bottom is warmed up first with a bit of foreplay, which includes a fair bit of ass play and his ass getting well licked out by the cum pig. And, its such a glorious sight to see a man on his back with his feet up in the air, his hole puckering in anticipation of being run through by a big juicy cock. And the boy's ass in this scene is quite hairy too. From some of the groans and grunts I reckon some of the butthole hair could be getting caught as the cock plunges and thrusts in and out? It only adds to the excitement. But in the end the cum pig succeeds in his mission and the bottom ends up helplessly spraying out his jizz after his ass receives some serious stimulation.

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    Meet Rafi. He's a Euro-stud that wants to show you what European boys look like. Join him as he strips down to reveal his smooth golden body with light blond hair, delicately covering all the hairy bits. Check out his blond fuzzy butthole as he gives you glimpses of his ass. Watch him take his uncut cock and play with it until his foreskin peels back. Lie back with him as he provides a close up of his hard man-meat, his big vein pumping in blood to his member. And finally jack-off with him as he pumps the cum out of his throbbing cock. Then sigh the sigh of relief that sexual gratification brings.

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    Now these man holes are lose. But they don't get that way overnight. It takes years of practice and sessions just like you get to see in this scene of Deeper & Wider. Your jaw will drop as you watch the asses stretch wider and the arms plunge deeper. Your ears will pique as you hear the manly grunts and groans from the bottoms slung up in the air for easy access. The leathered dungeon masters just don't work one fist, they get two in there. They stretch those ass holes so wide that if they had a third arm, it would fit. Just check out the close ups of those pliable ass rims dripping in grease.

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    Rich Wrangler drinking piss from the tapRich Wrangler has a cock shoved in his face
    Hard thick cock lubed and poking at a beefy assBeefy ass about to get fucked

    This scene has it all - raw fucking, bareback breeding, cum eating, and even a bottom drinking piss from the tap. Sexy he-man piggy stud bottom Rich Wrangler is partnered up with nasty raw top Carson Matthews.

    Shot on location at the lovely, wonderful, and fully nude friendly Blue Moon Resort in Las Vegas this scene starts with Carson loading up his bladder for the eager and ever thirsty Rich Wrangler. These guys are hot for each other as soon as we turned the camera's on...

    Rich is immediately on his knees sucking on Carson thick meaty cock. He eagerly begs to have that hot raw cock deep down his throat and Carson is only too quick to oblige. Rich and Carson just go nuts on each other - fucking, licking, sucking, spitting. It's all good and verbal but of course Rich stays quiet when he's drinking Carson's piss - doesn't miss a drop either!

    The scene concludes with some great ass breeding, hot cumshots, and Rich Wrangler proving to the entire audience that he is a true piss junkie. Intense, Authentic, Original... And all shot in Hi-Def...

    Beefy bottom in a jockstrap about to get fucked raw
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    The hot European studs just keep on cummin. Meet Lubos. He's brown haired, brown eyed, well muscled, tattooed, smooth, golden-brown tanned gorgeous with a cute, impish smile and has a perfect uncut cock. Join Lubos on the staircase as he tempts your taste buds with all he has to offer. Watch the transformation right in front of camera as his lovely flaccid uncut cock grows to be a hard, erect member. See that foreskin peel back bit by bit. Note his ball sack tighten and pull up close to his cock. Salivate as Lubos works himself in his hands, his sexy stomach rhythmically swelling and contracting with his deep breathing and spasms of erotic stimulus.

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    The theme in this scene (and whole movie) is that of gay young men fucking bareback.And that about sums it all up - but what more do you want? Couples introduce, strip off, kiss and play with each other before moving onto the serious stuff. And check out those ass close ups! Watch big thick raw cocks struggle to slip inside tight hairy asses. You can see the buttholes offering resistance to those invading cocks. You can almost feel the friction as the relentless rods probe further and further until the anal passages relent. Then watch the boys go for a bareback ride on a big cock thrusting up in their intestines.

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    Come down to the dungeon with these leathered up sex bears. They're men - real hairy men who know what sex with another man should be like. Watch 'em pleasure each other as they suck and slurp at each other's cocks in unison. They don't even have to take off their chaps to get at those big throbbing cocks! Nor do they need to strip to access those hairy assholes. Watch as a raw cock disappears into a hairy butt hole and glides in and out. And this is while the recipient is receiving twice the pleasure with his cock being sucked at the same time. Join in for a hearty, manly suck and fuck-fest.

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    Now that's what I love to see. Being that this scene is part of a compilation of some of the best gay fisting films over the recent years, it was all hardcore handballing entertainment without the crap in between. It was just all about butt holes getting stretched out, balls getting squeezed dry of their cum, dildo's and arms reaching new depths, double fist fucking and machine gun butt punching. I got an adrenaline rush each time I saw that ass ring stretch out to near splitting point, or I heard the pigs moaning and grunting or that lovely 'slip-slop-slurp' sound of the greasy lube doing its job as fists fucked away.

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    Oh god...more hot European boys. Man I gotta get over there. Rafal's just my 'cup of tea'. Check out that fucking gorgeous body! Luckily, he has no problems letting you do that. Before he even took his clothes off I was mesmerized by his handsome model-like face. But when that shirt came off to reveal his well muscled chest, covered by golden smooth skin and just the right amount of light brown hair to run your hands across, my cock began to twitch in my pants. But it only got better as I gazed down his long, streamlined torso with rippling abs - fleshy biceps with blood pumping through them at the side. As his cock grew so did mine. As he swiveled and twisted his body around, working his cock between his hands, the excitement got too much and I creamed my pants.

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